A First Love Never Dies (Spi-Corp #1)


SCI-FI:  The dreaded class reunion. It’s been a long time since anyone in the small town of Franklin, Montana has seen or heard from Janel Canton, but here she is. Not that anyone would have known it was her if it wasn’t for the name badge. She’s gorgeous, mysterious, and accompanied by a huge wall of a man. Little do they know how far she’s actually come.

Sheriff Jake Reeves is charged with finding Janel for the reunion—given his resources. But the more he searches, the more mysterious her whereabouts become.  Now, out of nowhere, she appears, transformed from her gawky teenage years, and rustling up all sorts of stirrings he thought were long dormant.

The sci-fi elements of “The First Love Never Dies” are imaginative, and unique. The story and plot lines are sound and flow well. The difficulty here lies with the main character. She wants to be viewed as strong and in control. Unfortunately, she comes off as resentful and bitter. One couldn’t help but feel that if she were the confident warrior, she wouldn’t have bothered to return to her reunion and the people who shunned her. Instead, she takes every opportunity to shove her rancor in the face of the love interest, never really accepting his numerous apologies. It’s understandable, however, scars that deep are difficult to overcome. Hopefully she finds it in the next installment.

Sofia St. Angeles