Fire and Ice

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WOMEN'S FICTION:  Nancy hasn’t had an easy life. After marrying her high school sweetheart, Tom, she did everything in her power to make their life a happy one. Unfortunately, that isn’t easy to do when your husband is an abusive alcoholic.  Twenty years later, their daughter is an adult, their business isn’t doing well and her relationship with her husband is just as bad as ever. She definitely has some difficult choices to make.

The story deals with a serious matter. Reading about Nancy’s life wasn’t easy, how hard she had to work for any modicum of happiness, how she didn’t have anyone who would stand behind her and support her (and do it right). If only it was written differently, it would’ve made for a much more emotional and satisfying read. As it is, the story is written in narrative which is difficult to follow, and really is quite distracting. There were also quite a lot of seemingly random jumps from topic to topic (or from one year to another), which made everything even more confusing. The author did do a good job of explaining to the reader what Nancy feels and thinks, however it simply wasn’t enough to make the story a good read. 

Ana Smith