The Fearful Heart


NEW ADULT:  The "romantic life" of one college senior is complicated by an accelerated course load in accounting, as well as a harpy for a neighbor.  You would think that Cassidy Keane would have enough on her plate to worry about, but her heart is lonely. The more pressure she encounters while at school, the more regret and confusion swirl in her mind over the romantic decisions she has previously made - options selected mainly to protect her heart, while letting fear be the guiding force. However, there was one boy she coveted but decided to remain his friend rather than have him reject her. Being his friend was enough, but now with her impending graduation, life is pressing in on her. Will Cassidy choose the path leading to the boy who has held her heart since childhood or choose a man who sends her heart pitter-pattering with his overt romantic gestures? 

Upon meeting Cassidy Keane it is immediately apparent that she is skittish and more an observer of life than an active participant. She is afraid of every bump in the night or potential leap of faith that could put her heart at risk. In fact, her fears are the primary focus for most of the book, though not mentioned again until the final portion of the novel. A ghost haunting the college and a thief stealing from her dorm mates replaces fearful ruminations. In fact, there were so many story lines awkwardly woven together that her happily-ever-after seemed rushed, almost forced and without much fanfare. Too many distracters took away from her sweet and touching love story.

Amy Willis