Farryn’s War


SCI-FI:  Far in the future…Farryn is one of the Tolari, an empathic and somewhat reclusive people. Haunted by his failure to become the planet leader and by his wife’s betrayal, he leaves Tolari and goes to live among humans. He’s guided by ambition and very determined to put the past behind him. And it even works, until his former beloved Sharana and the Earth Security Council find him. Chaos follows, as Sharana is kidnapped and both she and Farryn are forced to navigate through danger, the past and their own emotions.

Layered and wonderful! A reader will have no problem falling into this unknown future world and adapting to unknown cultures and behaviors. More detail as to planets and politics would be nice, but enough is given to provide the background while keeping the spotlight on Farryn and Sharana. Farryn, perhaps surprisingly, works well as a hero - despite being far from any version of Prince Charming. He’s done bad things and shady things and will probably do more of both, but one has to admire him as a really compelling character. Sharana fits the role of ideal heroine better, without being the least annoying, so no missteps there. Really, the only big thing missing are interactions between the two of them. The author does a lot with the premise and their memories, but we don’t see much of the two of them together. Of course, that might be less noticeable if one has read the previous books in the series. In any case, anyone looking for a fun Sci-Fi romance novel won’t make a mistake picking this one up!

Mimi Smith