Far from Home – Far Series, Book One

Kate L.

SCI-FI:  Rowan, Kiaya, and Kyle begin as strangers, carpooling from University of Phoenix to their respective hometowns, when a deadly virus kills infected victims all across the country. After Kyle becomes infected and dies in a hotel room during a pit stop in Texas, they team up with another stranger also making his way east. Devon, a hunky policeman, has also lost friends to the virus and just wants to return home. The newly formed trio have to put their trust in each other as they use their separate strengths to help them overcome the dangerous pitfalls of a new world order that includes other strangers in need, worry for loved ones back home, tingles of attraction, and zombies intent on eating them alive.

 “Far From Home” is an intriguing and enjoyable read for fans of the zombie genre. Filled with engaging and relatable characters, readers will be pulled into the story from the first page, invested until the last, and begging for more! Readers will share the characters' fears of the threat of infection by a virus that can turn them into a zombie. The dialogue is filled with angst, humor, and snarkiness, with a plot that keeps readers guessing who among the living is friend or foe. The daunting and volatile world filled with flesh-eating zombies, heartbreak, and a budding romance, will leave readers wanting more of Kate L. Mary’s dramatic and thrilling story of three strangers determined to survive the overwhelming, apocalyptic, and dangerous new world they’ve been thrust into!

Tonya Mathenia