Fallen Angel


SPIRITUAL ROMANCE:  Beth’s life hadn’t been the stuff of fairy tales.  Orphaned at a young age, passed around in foster care, it’s been rough.  When she gets a job bartending at the Copperhead, and meets Sam and Miriam, she finds the family she’s always missed.  Sam’s hunky good looks don’t hurt either, and Beth finds herself falling in love.  Sam is oblivious to her feelings, and they might have gone on this way forever if not for the fateful night…Miriam dies tragically in a head on collision.  Beth and Sam are heartbroken, and Beth leaves the Copperhead, intending never to return. An otherworldly experience leaves Beth shaken, but convinces her to go back to Sam.  When she returns, she finds that Sam is in danger of losing everything he holds dear. 


“Fallen Angel” is an otherworldly tale, as Beth and Sam struggle to find a life together.  The romance tends to stall, with the couple constantly missing each other’s clues and moving away from each other.  The late appearance of Cassandra in Sam’s life adds some much-needed tension in the romance.  The otherworldly appearances of Peter and Mark and mystical creatures provide welcome depth to the tale, but need to be a little more developed to make them more believable.  The story itself moves well, and a surprise twist brings “Fallen Angel” to its paranormal pinnacle and brings Sam and Beth full circle in their relationship.


Victoria Z. Burg