Evolution: Angel (The Evolution #1)


SCI-FI:  Candace Bristol has a dream right out of the comic books - to become a superhero. The ANGEL Project brings that dream into the realm of reality. Science has now tapped into the genetic potential of humanity, and Candace and her cousin Gabe have the opportunity to become ANGELS.  Once accepted into the program Candace faces multiple challenges, from the physical to psychological. None could be more challenging than falling in love, especially when it isn’t on your to-do list. 


At the heart of this story is the discovery of a person’s inner character. Each participant in the ANGEL project must acknowledge their biggest dreams and face their greatest demons.  The challenge is in knowing how to cope with that knowledge. The portrayal of the intense depth of emotional turmoil in each of the characters is one of the best read by this reviewer in recent years. The characters are both likable and deeply rooted in a story arc of their own, and yet, each story interconnects like threads woven together into a masterpiece of incredible science fiction. Unlike other stories with similar plots, this doesn’t read like a graphic novel without the pictures…it is truly a novel worthy of the printed page!


Author Huchton has clearly invested much in writing a top-notch tale. There is more begging to be written about the ANGELS, about the relationships forged, and the horrors that they all face. Even the fair amount of typos is not enough to diminish the enjoyment of this book and hopefully more in this series. Nicely done!


Penelope Anne Bartotto