Escapee (Repelling the Invasion)


SCI-FI:  Catteroon “Catt” Sayer has piloted her airship, Escapee, for over ten years, together with an android named Lancelot. She flies the decrepit ship on her regular route, providing supplies to troops and others on the unforgiving mining moon of Banff. When Proximanian troops invade and the moon’s military population is devastated, she finds a lone survivor - Captain Hector Dukelsky, a man she’d formerly nicknamed “Captain A-Hole”, but ends up calling “Hank”. Bent on revenge, Hank convinces her to risk their lives and her ship to disable the Proximanian command post on the other side of the planet. Their worst enemy between them and their target is the planet of Banff, with spewing volcanoes, harsh terrain, and unforgiving air currents. Will she come to her senses and flee or be influenced by their budding relationship?


Edward Hoornaert has crafted a Sci-fi that has it all! There are plenty of thrills, chills, heartbreak and romance between the sassy “Catt” and sexy “Hank”. The storyline is complex and so well-developed it plays out like a blockbuster movie, heavy with fully fleshed-out characters, sharply witty dialogue, and a nicely plotted story arc. Not one paragraph is wasted in this Sci-fi thriller full of action and sexual magnetism. It touches briefly on characters from the first book in the series and sets the stage nicely for the next book, leaving the reader with a heartbreaking, though satisfying ending, as well as the urge to read the rest of this series. This reviewer’s best advice is to buckle up and get ready for the ride of your life! 

Lori Leger