NEW ADULT:  Adeliade Stone is a typical 17 year-old; insecure about her looks and self-conscious around others.  Her best-friend, Janine, is a beauty - but in Addie's opinion she does not flaunt it like most of the girls she knows. Janine’s brother, Holt, has been the object of Addie’s affection for as long as she can remember. Because they have all known each other all of their lives, Addie believes that it just isn’t possible Holt would reciprocate her feelings. But when heartache, new challenges, college, and danger disrupts their world the three friends are forced to rely on each other. Love, respect, and new friendships grow and bloom when the truth is set free.


Gladys Quintal is a wonderful Young Adult storyteller! Although the story is slow at the beginning, it picks up speed through the middle, and by the end it is a race to the finish to see what happens next. Ms. Quintal’s characters are relatable and are layered with emotions of love, insecurities, and hope. Each character stands on his or her own but together they make for a trio of friends with values and traits that most teenagers would aspire to. “Entwined” has an original story-line that mirrors real life and is sure to be intriguing to young adults. Four stars go to the characters’ relatability but the storyline’s pace keeps “Entwined” from reaching five stars. This book may not be appropriate for readers under the age of 16.

Mary-Nancy Smith