The Earl’s Timely Wallflower (Taken by Destiny Book 1)

Aurrora St. James

TIME TRAVEL: Lily Bennett is trying to find a place to fit in after both her siblings find lives of their own. When she comes across an intricate timepiece at work and sets it to midnight, she suddenly finds herself in Regency England! She is rescued by Violet, who brings her home to her brother, Gabriel Hawthorn, Earl of Rothden. He finds her tale of being an American from the future fantastical, but has her stay since she has nowhere to go. He is having a house party for some relaxation before the London Season. The sizzle starts immediately between Gabriel and Lily. She befriends Gabriel’s friends, including the eccentric inventor, Christian Albury, Earl of Huntington. Lily’s first priority is to find the clockmaker who made the time device so she can get home.

“The Earl’s Timely Wallflower” is a vividly created “fish out of water” tale. Great dilemma for Lily – should she stay or go, if given the chance. Lily, Gabriel, and Violet are extremely colorful characters who carry the story. Most of Gabriel’s friends, with the exception of Christian have a tendency to remain one dimensional. It is not quite believable when Christian assembles a delicate invention while riding horseback as part of the hunt. Gabriel is too lenient on his ex-mistress when she shows up, making him seem weak. It is too obvious too soon what Christian is working on, which takes some of the surprise away from the story. The pacing is excellent, and the tale is difficult to put down once started. An unusual story combining time travel and historical facets, fans of both genres will absolutely love this novel!

Belinda Wilson