Druids Portal – The Second Journey


TIME TRAVEL/HISTORICAL:  Ethan has been chosen as the new guardian of the Arwen Pendant. He accidently discovers that he is a time traveler like his parents before him. Rowena, a descendant of Daman and a soldier in the Celtic army, is haunted by deeds she was forced to perform. Ethan and Rowena’s love is threatened by more than time and reality. As a dark goddess threatens Rowena’s life and Ethan’s timeline, both must make sacrifices and decisions which could see them run out of time and separated for ever.

An intriguing story featuring a good combination of history and time travel. Cindy Tomamichel keenly portrays the paradoxes of this genre while adding the essential romantic thread which wraps itself around the reader. This second book involves a separate reality as well as a time difference, and the author brings the two concepts together nicely. However, the writing style and some word choices often skip a beat, throwing readers off balance. Inconsistent scenes, for example the opening scene, fail to keep the readers’ attention and could leave them feeling lost and out of touch with the plot. Large backstory dumps also water down the tension.

The world building is intricate and beautifully described throughout the book. The main characters are enchanting and beg any readers to fall in love with them. Any reader who knows their history will thoroughly enjoy the research and effort the author has put into her book.

Cecilia Robins