Kennedy Plain is a sleep disorder specialist.  She is also dying of a brain tumor, which puts her life’s work at risk as she races to finish before it’s too late.  One of her subjects is also dying and insists the dreams he experiences are real and not the consequence of sleep deprivation. He claims he is actually traveling back in time and begs her to consider the possibility. She is convinced his  symptoms are merely part of her research, until she decides to use herself as a subject.

When Kennedy dreams herself into the 14th century, she finds things all too real for her ordered mind to accept.  Soon life and dreams intermix to become very dangerous indeed, as she falls into the care of Fulke Wynland.  A dastardly murderer, if her history books are correct.  As she grows to know him, however, all her pre-conceived notions start to crumble.  Is she really dreaming or is she truly being given a second chance to right the wrongs of both history and fate?

In this enthralling story of dreams vs reality, Ms. Leigh has truly outdone herself!  With a plot line that is both creative and surprisingly believable, the reader is taken on a journey through time that won’t be forgotten soon.  The basis for the attraction and growing relationship between Fulke and Kennedy was somewhat murky, but once established, the emotions are truly heart-twisting and keep the reader greedily devouring every last page!

TJ Mackay