Dreams of the Queen (The Brajj #1)

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SCI-FI:  Dr. Cassiopeia Baros awakens from yet another unusual dream deep in an underground cave.  She has dreamed again of Jeamon, who has hair white as snow and is almost alien-like.  She always feels such a genuine magnetism, but tries to shake it off for she is engaged to her co-project leader, Dr. Julian Saunders. Cass discovers a wormhole she has created with her dreams and, upon entering, they make contact with the Brajj.  There she is reunited with the strange man who haunts her dreams.  Cass and her crew are spellbound and aren't sure how to return home. Are their lives worth the danger and risks they must take all in the name of passion and fantasies?

Devotees of the paranormal genre will appreciate Patricks' original work.  It incorporates science fiction and magic which meld together perfectly. As readers' imagination is put to the test, it's apparent that only the strong will survive. One may think the dash of romance included in Volume one of The Brajj creeps in slowly, but doesn't overwhelm or interfere with the plot that will keep fans itching for more. The thing that may smother book lovers' interest is that there are more than a handful of characters to keep up with, and it may make their mind stray from who is most important. But, possibly the author felt a need to introduce them in the first of the series so when we move on to her next book, most of our questions will be answered after we're left hanging at the end.


Jaime A. Geraldi