The Draig’s Woman

Lisa Dawn

TIME TRAVEL:  Claire, a martial arts specialist and accountant by trade, walks through a door in time to the thirteenth century and into the arms of Ian, the Laird of the Draig Clan. Well…not exactly his arms - he’s tied to a tree about to be flayed when she saves his roguish rear-end. Ian is in need of a wife and one has been chosen for him, soon to join his household and save his village with her dowry. When Ian and Claire are thrust together, Ian must choose between his heart and his people. As all good rulers know, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one, unless treachery is cloaked with good intentions. 


“The Draig’s Woman” leads off with fast paced steps. There’s no downtime in this Outlander fan-fiction novel. Ian is a young Laird who is put into a predicament of marrying for cause vs. love. Claire is a strong leading lady, optimistic even when Ian’s responsibilities mean tossing her to the curb. Although it’s a time travel story, it’s odd Claire doesn’t spend much time thinking about returning. Those who know Claire is from the future don’t raise a brow. At one point in the story, she has a discussion when she learns she’s speaking Gaelic. Wouldn’t she know what language she’s speaking? Aside from plot point hiccups, the arc and secondary characters are extremely well written and this story keeps the reader engaged from beginning to end.


Sloane Austen