The Draig’s Wife (Draig Clan #3)

Lisa Dawn

TIME TRAVEL/HISTORICAL:  Emma is not your typical twenty-one year old. After being abandoned by her mother, she was raised by her grandparents in their retirement home, spending her weekends playing board games with senior citizens. Her life had some stability, until her grandfather passed away, followed by her grandmother two short years later. Now, living in a house that doesn’t feel like home, Emma ponders her life's purpose —until she stumbles into a battle in 1420 Scotland.

Declan is the Draig Laird — not a title he wanted, but the responsibility given — and he honors it. As his twenty-eighth birthday approaches, he must hurry to find a wife in order to keep his lands from the cruel hands of his uncle. Sadly, his options are slim considering his lecherous past, and now the life of his daughter Mary, the only reminder of his first marriage, hangs in the balance. It all changes when he meets Emma.

A time-travel romance with a few twists, “The Draig’s Wife,” will pique the reader’s interest. Though not original in many aspects, the author keeps the reader engaged by adding several unexpected plot twists. Additionally, the reader will enjoy the battle scenes and the fact that Emma is a martial artist and can hold her own. At times, the writing is slow and redundant with the author repeating a character’s thoughts in their dialogue. Additionally, some significant scenes were only mentioned instead of written such as when Emma is almost assaulted. It also seemed the author had trouble balancing Emma’s strength with her innocence. Overall though, a nice read to pass the time.

Jacey Lee