Drago’s Revenge (The Blood Chronicles, #2)

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HORROR:  Sam and Reba believe the horror they endured in Born of Blood was over when the evil vampire-like immortal, Drago, was impaled on a post. Fulfilling his promise to Charles and needing a purpose after the death of his love, Jesse, Sam takes care of Reba while they await the birth of hers and Charles’ son Christian. He never expected to fall in love again or be a dad, but when Christian is born and Charles discovers Drago is not only alive, but attempting to kidnap Christian for his special blood, Sam will do anything to keep the baby and Reba safe. Help comes from an unexpected direction, but Drago has recruited help of his own and the bloody nightmare begins again.

This plot is fast-paced, the writing is solid and the characters are interesting. The story also lives up to the horror genre by having enough grisly scenes to satisfy most horror aficionados. However, there are some things that are not explained. Such as why did Drago hire goons to help kidnap a child he was perfectly capable of taking himself? Why is Christian’s blood special? One other thing that didn’t add up is the help that Sam receives. These guys were supposed to be professionals (presumably mercenary types though it is never actually stated as such) yet they made many rookie mistakes. One is left wondering how these guys lived to come to Sam’s aid. Overall, this was an enjoyable book, but tightening up on these points would have made it a much more thrilling read.


Carol Conley