A Diary's House: Where True Love Endures

Christopher David
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Landon, a young boy, living in North Carolina, desperately wants to prove to the world that he is a man!  To this end, Landon and his young friends embark on  a series of adventures that include the help of an old French trapper named Montague. He  agrees to help them build a raft for their dangerous journey  down a mysterious river to an even more mysterious island. There they find a diary written by a young woman from the 1830’s, which contain clues that connect Landon to his past. It also includes a romance with a sweet and beautiful girl named Annabelle, who becomes part of  his life and part of his journey to manhood.  Landon’s family is definitely at the root of this story, as he grows and begins to understand his father and his grandmother Shelley, and how all their relationships mold him into the man he will become.
For anyone who has ever read and enjoyed books such as “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”, this warm and wonderful story is a must read!  The same colorful adventures of young boys sneaking out after dark with tales of Indians, ghosts and  colorful descriptions of all the trouble Landon and his friends get into can be found and devoured within its pages. Admittedly, the plot is not unique, but the fun and adventure is contagious.  It is thoroughly enjoyable for adults but can also cross over to young boys (and girls) looking for a good adventure story.  Even more good news,  the author is writing a sequel where Landon’s adventures will continue!
Lynne Coyer