Diamond in the Dust (Second Chances #3)

Peggy L.

WESTERN/TIME TRAVEL:  Gabe McFarlain is awaiting the inevitable with a hangman’s noose around his neck. Raised in a Montana whorehouse, his life has not been happy. When the noose tightens, darkness descends - but instead of the hereafter, Gabe wakes up in the future to a warmhearted woman in a foreign world, with a second chance at life. 


Searching for a better life, Morgan Bartlett, by chance, finds Gabe on the side of the road badly beaten and comes to his aid. With an instinctive feeling of Gabe’s goodness, she strives to convince him of his worth and help him find happiness in his strange new world. However, neither Gabe nor Morgan counted on the combustible attraction burning between them.


This third installment in the Second Chances Time Travel Romance Series can be read as a standalone, although, it would be much more enlightening if read in sequence to better understand the hero, the circumstances which brought him to the future, and the people from his past. While the hero’s metastasis from 1872 to 2014 is a little too smooth and needs more fleshing out, the protagonists are well developed and likeable with a solid plot that is interesting and moves at a good pace. Infused with the elements of heartbreak, some witty dialogue, and tender romance, this captivating love story provides a fascinating glimpse into the emotional journey of two individuals who are trying to forge a new life as they travel the road to their happily ever after. This enthralling and delightful novel will appeal to readers of many genres. 


Janna Shay