The Devil's Heart: A Time Travel Fantasy Romance (Dark Tides Book 1)



TIME TRAVEL/FANTASY:  Dianna Cobham returns to the small Newfoundland town to bury her father and a painful chapter of her life. She soon discovers that the treasures left in the family home hold clues to her mother’s mysterious past. Perplexed, Dianna finds a ship in a bottle that has mysterious qualities. By accident and magic, Dianna finds herself swept back in time to become prisoner of a notorious pirate named Devil Eyed Barrett. Dianna discovers that Barrett holds the key to her past, and to her heart. 

Time travel is always a difficult premise to incorporate into a story, Ms. Osmond does an admirable job of placing her heroine back in time in a believable manner. “The Devil’s Heart” is full of well-researched details and easy to read descriptive prose which immerses the reader into the story.  The dialogue is well-written, with Ms. Osmond catching the flavor of the period. The book ends with a cliffhanger before the story is even fully developed. In fact, the reader doesn’t even have the opportunity to meet the main antagonists of the tale. For this reason, the book reads like a long prologue, a promise postponed. Redemption is possible however, given the quality of the author’s writing and the potential of the story. Readers can look forward to more from Ms. Osmond with anticipation.

Gwenellen Tarbet