Destiny Finds Her (Destiny #1)


TIME TRAVEL:  Jami Morgan could have lived a charmed life, but her destiny simply wasn’t to follow the family wealth. She desired her own life and knew there was more in the universe for her than being a socialite like her shallow mother. As her twenty-fifth birthday neared, life took an interesting turn and a new man appeared - or shall we say she appeared before a new man - in 17th century Scotland. 


Devlin happens upon a strange woman on his lands one day, but she vanishes before his eyes. Then she is there again, suddenly to stay. Her arrival brings danger, intrigue, and emotions he cannot reign in. His home must be protected, but does he need to protect his heart as well? 


"Destiny Finds Her" is a time travel jaunt that leaves the reader breathless and emotionally attached to Jami and Devlin. They are the couple of the century, 17th that is. Character development is superb in a story that wobbles a bit in the time stream as the beginning plays out. Once the plot is revealed, the words jump from the page and beg to be read. Heartfelt and accurate representation of the past and present shows a depth of knowledge that will lead this series to become a delightful addition to the romance genre. Twists and turns within the story dance beautifully to the folk tune that is destiny as it brings together a brilliant cast of characters, each with tales to be told. 


Penelope Anne Bartotto