Desires of the Heart


TIME TRAVEL:  In modern day Britain, Loren Fairchild escapes to her inherited cottage after her divorce to start a new life.  In 1945, Miles Chapeau and his wife Miriam, residents of the same cottage, struggle to regain their lives after Miriam is injured in an air raid.  When a storm hits somehow Miriam is transported to 2007 while Loren appears in 1947.  Miles finds he is oddly attracted to her but is loyal and fears for the safety of his wife.  While trying to make heads or tails of their situation they fall in love. Will life ever go back to the way it once was, or are they happier this way after all?


The back and forth between 2007 and 1947 through the eyes of Loren and Miles adds a lot of intrigue and anticipation to this intriguing time travel story.  The chemistry between them comes on a little too quickly and some of their moments feel abrupt, however there are moments of warmth and tenderness that are very appealing.  The reader is shown very little of Miriam's character but both Miles and Loren are pleasingly fleshed out.  Although a little predictable it is enjoyable discovering the ins and outs of both the characters and their stories.  A fine thread of mystery runs throughout  which adds a nice touch of mystique and drama. A tragic story with an unconventional happy ending.


 Margaret Faria