Demathia Rising

S. B.
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DARK FANTASY/HORROR:  In two months Mason Rune has buried his father, grandfather and two uncles. All of the deaths could be logically explained, but Mason had an uneasy feeling that they were not naturally occurring. Retreating to his father's study after the funeral Mason finds comfort in memories. When he discovers a diary in a secret hidey hole in his dad’s desk Mason’s life begins to spin out of control. A cult set on releasing a demon into the world is determined to take out the males of his family - and he’s the last one. However, he’s not alone and people who use magic step in to help him. Everything he has believed about his life is a lie and he has to accept a new reality in order to survive.

Dark fantasy and horror mix in this well-written and fast-paced tale. With an interesting plot and well-rounded characters the reader is compelled to keep the pages turning. The fight scenes were a bit overlong and the injuries the protagonists sustained while still carrying on stretched the boundaries of belief to the realm of the unbelievable, which detracted from the story. The villains were surprising and the ending contained an unexpected twist.  Fans of dark fantasy should enjoy this story, but be warned that in some of the scenes the gore factor is high. This tale really makes the blood pump!


Carol Conley