Deaths Door (The Immortal Descendants: Baltimore Book 1)


TIME TRAVEL/PARANORMAL:  Edgar Allan Poe disappeared before he died. He was found wandering and wearing strange clothes. He was never able to explain where he had been which has kept his whereabouts a complete mystery. In this short novella, Poe is what's known as a clocker, or time traveler.  He travels to modern day Baltimore where he meets Alexandra “Ren” Reynolds. They find themselves in the middle of an intriguing adventure that mirrors the situation people have found themselves facing during these difficult times. 

The main aspect that stands out from this book is how it mirrors the events of the COVID pandemic without being based on the actual event. There is isolation and social distancing, which was an odd comfort to read. With a plot that moves swiftly, this is a quick read. One downside is that readers who have not read the Immortal Descendants series may have to do a lot of reading between the lines about the characters and their abilities. This book may encourage people to read the other books, especially if this one is anything to go by. What is fascinating is the Edgar Allan Poe aspect that pulls those interested in the mystery surrounding his disappearance. This is a brilliant read that, although short, is filled with intrigue, mystery and enjoyment. Definitely a novella to add to the e-readers as fall begins!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick