Dark Shadow, Borealis XIII


SCI-FI/FANTASY:  Vivian Melendez is the owner of a bar called Korn on Borealis Space Station. When Helios Talon walks in and says hes the actual owner, Vivian is not buying his story. Helios confesses to Vivian in private that his sister Persephone actually sent him to protect her from an unknown assassin, but his mission is two-fold. He and his cousin Athena are part of the Rebellion and it is rumored that the TPP have a biological weapon they are going to test on the Borealis prisoners. They need to stop the testing and destroy not only the weapon, but wipe out all knowledge of it so it cant be reproduced. A tall order to be sure.


Ms. Burkhart pens quite an adventurous tale full of suspense, daring, tension and reams of potential peril. Vivian is a gutsy woman originally from Earth. Borealis is her home and she has no intention of giving it up. Helios is a strong fellow from Pith with telepathic and telekinetic ability, but he has weak lungs, something that can put him at a serious disadvantage in fighting situations where every millisecond counts. Along with others on the station sympathetic with the Rebellion, Helios and Athena work to complete their mission. The only flaw in this sci-fi extraordinaire is the insta-love between Vivian and Helios. It just felt too fast to be truly believable especially for Vivian who confesses she trusts no one completely. However, for such a short story this tale packs quite the rousing punch!


Carol Conley