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SCI-FI:  Mass amounts of birds and fish are suddenly found dead in various places around the world. Gorillas and Emperor Penguins are the newest additions to the list and all are killed in the same unexplainable manor. But who cares about such things when the world's economies are in the tank and countries are at war? 

Dan has lost his job and--like most people--isn't concerned with much outside the bubble of his immediate problems. A torrential storm shakes their home located just over the French border from Geneva, Switzerland. Dan and his family toss and turn through the night, waking to find that humans have been eradicated. In their desperate search for other survivors, they discover strange beings of light may be the cause.

Marino's descriptions of setting are vivid, the initial despair and preparations are believable, and the way in which the human race is exterminated is unique. Unfortunately, the explaining and describing goes on too long, and seems only used to persuade one that the eventual moral decisions of the main character are acceptable. When the excitement finally arrives, it is only to discover that the tedious build-up reveals a previously likeable main character is really a jerk. Ultimately, the pacing is off and interest in the characters is lost. The steamy scenes are definitely hot but lack any emotion or love whatsoever.  Infusing more mystery concerning the beings of light may have resulted in better pacing, more intrigue and an ending that didn’t feel quite so crowded and rushed.

Sandy Ponton