Daemon Sky: Book 2 of Under Shattered Skies


The town of Heater, Arizona, has many apocalyptical troubles, not the least of which is the battle between those that want to save the people of this world  and those who want to follow the evil taking it over.  Albert, the town sheriff  is working hard to save his town, the people within it, and keep out what he sees as the threat - all while trying to heal himself enough that he can do so for others. He has  mothers worrying about their children, fathers that have fallen prey to the evil, and a military leader that not only wants to save his base but the world. No one is immune from the evil that has been unleashed. As time passes, hope is dwindling and for many it may be too late.
Within the pages of “Daemon Sky,” PD Allen once again gives readers a look into a world full of nightmares.  Readers are given a look into so many different characters' lives that all the details becomes overwhelming, and it can make one's head hurt trying to keep up! The action is intense and the thrills definitely dark.  It’s a book where every word that is read  inches precariously as it unravels the mysteries buried within!
Melody Prat