Cub Creek


WOMEN'S FICTION:  Libbie Havens likes being on her own. When she stumbles upon an old home on the quiet Cub Creek, she buys it. Her cousin, Liz, isn't sure it is the right thing to do and Libbie herself finds her decision fraught with challenges. She has not only purchased a home but the idiosyncrasies that surround it -- neighbors that know where the keys are hidden, a ghost of a dog, a troubled youth the former owner befriended, and more. Add the romantic interests of two local men and Libbie has her hands full while dealing with her own problems.


Ms. Greene’s characters are interesting and her setting well-constructed. Elements essential to a good story, and yet the pacing is slowed with seemingly unnecessary details, and the author tells the reader rather than shows. Libbie's unlimited cash flow feels unrealistic until a flashback informs the reader of some back story. The flashbacks themselves don't feel well thought-out, and at times may be considered irritating. At times, instances of awkward sentence structure may jerk the reader out of the story. The jump from third person point-of-view to first person may also prove jarring to the more discriminating reader's palate.   


“Cub Creek”, while spinning an entertaining tale, fails to adequately flesh out the story between the lines for the inquisitive mind, presenting the reader with an alternative way of looking at the ups and downs of moving to a new community. Nevertheless, Ms. Greene tells an interesting tale and recaptures her readers when they go astray.


Shaunna Gonzales