Crimson Footprints

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Multicultural: Deena has never had it easy. She never really felt like she belonged, not even when she was a child. Her skin is not white enough for some, not black enough for others and of course, she is the living reminder of her mother’s sins. So when she keeps meeting Takumi, the man whose life she saved, she can’t help but fall for his charms. There’s just one tiny problem – Tak is Japanese- American and his family is as wary of outsiders as Deena’s is.
Tak is enchanted by Deena. She is everything he ever needed, but wasn’t aware he wanted. And although Deena’s fear of rejection is hard to overcome, she is worth fighting for. If only the consequences of their actions weren’t so dire.
A captivating story about a couple fighting against all odds for their happiness. Tak is a great hero – patient, kind, and yet has that smidgeon of bad boy charm that is so hard to resist. Deena is a strong woman, who, unfortunately, isn’t brave enough to stand up to her family (which became irritating after a while) - Tak’s courage makes it even more obvious. The Characters are what sets this story apart! Every single one of them is amazing in their own right. Even the bad guys are vividly drawn and real. But, it’s the good guys who shine through, Tak himself, his father, cousins and friends. All in all, this is truly a story filled to the brim with amazing characters, a story that will keep the reader spellbound and anxious for its sequel!
Ana Smith