Cottage on Oceanview Lane (Emerald Cove Book 1)


WOMEN'S FICTION:  Emerald Cove, Australia, is a small coastal town and home to a variety of people. Some never left, some are returning home, and some are new to town. They all have something to offer and something to learn.  Follow Sarah, Meg, Cindy, Rebecca, and more, as they strive to make Emerald Cove their home.  Sarah left a high-profile editing job in Sydney to escape her stalking ex-fiancé. Newlywed Meg watched her surfing champ husband suffer a life-altering tragedy. Cindy’s husband left her for a younger assistant and left behind a mysterious mountain of debt for the cafe. Rebecca is a new constable in town, determined to outrun her past and make her partner accept her.  "Cottage on Oceanview Lane" is the first book in a continuing story. 

This is a saga of women picking up the pieces of their lives, the challenges they face, and the friendships they make along the way. Readers will appreciate the real-life situations the women find themselves in. However, descriptions and settings seem vague, and the author introduces several characters that seemed to crowd the story. The ladies also seem prone to making poor decisions regarding the men in their lives. The ending rushes up in a breathless tumble in the last pages. While the book does close nicely, the characters still have work to do in future volumes. Readers who enjoy sprawling "family and friends" sagas dealing with real-life situations will dig right in to this series. 

Emerson Matthews