The Copper Tuners: The Lumiere Chronicles

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STEAMPUNK: Bran Monroe, the Earl of Kirkbride, is a man tormented by what he thinks he has done while in one of his many blackouts. His wife is murdered and he remembers nothing. Life is not worth living without his sweet wife. He must go on, however, if he is to find out the truth of what what happened to her and what is destroying him.
Regan Delaney must discover why her best friend was murdered by her husband Bran.  Her search will takes her on a journey into a life hidden from the world around her, and her quest will not be an easy one. Her only hope of finding the truth is to help the one man she blames.  The truths Bran and Regan work together to find may not be what either one is expecting!
Gloria Harchar has given her readers a fanciful story in “The Copper Tuners”.  Pixies, elves, and shapeshifters along with steam cars are all found in this steampunk fantasy. With a mix of the Victorian flavor nestled within the industrial steam era, readers may find the story slow at times, but it is still well written, as the author fills the pages with an abundance of rich detail, and colorfully ripe characters!

Melody Prat