Constellation XXI: Repelling The Invasion Book 3


SCI-FI:  Rumors surrounded Sienna Dukelsky leaving the academy to guide ships in — the main one being that she was devastated after Crispin Hunt was expelled. When they are unexpectedly brought together, their feelings rekindle. When her ship loses power, she is thrown into a situation she never expected. Secrets about the man she loves and what is aboard his ship mean that she is now tasked with an important job. Will she and Crispin finally give into their feelings, or will fate intervene and split them apart once again?

This is a standalone book and the action starts on the very first page and keeps going until the end. It is an interesting storyline with a plot that moves at a brisk pace. It is relatively short and a book that can easily be devoured in one sitting. The characters are well thought out and the dialogue is well written, including the science fiction terms used. The author has created an interesting set up with the ship, characters and different settings. Overall, this is a very interesting book with a good storyline. Readers will enjoy the action, romance, and escape to the stars that it offers and be eager to read the rest of the series. Edward Hoornaert is an author to watch. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick