Conflicting Hearts

J. D.

WOMEN'S FICTION:  “Conflicting Heartstakes place in contemporary Portland, Oregon. Rachel Hayward is already late for work when a traffic accident makes her even later. Her rubbernecking has her plowing into an expensive sports car in front of her. What a great way to start her 30th birthday- rear-ending an attractive lawyer!


Ian finds himself drawn to the flustered woman. Their dating relationship is rocky because of her past abusive relationships. The reappearance of his ex-wife who wants to pick up where she left off only complicates matters more. Rachel decides to break off their relationship feeling unworthy of the gentle Ian, but turns to counseling to work out her issues.


Author J.D. Burrows does a great job portraying the conflicting emotions of an abuse victim in Conflicting Hearts. Rachel feels like a realistic character, but the plot bogs down when she takes a break from Ian for counseling. Susan, the ex-wife, is a little too stereotypical, while Ians brother feels forced. The burgeoning relationship between Ian and Rachel works. This could be a difficult book for abuse victims because it includes a detailed sexual abuse scene. Overall, the story works and could be cathartic for some; a reassurance that everyone can find love and is worthy of it.


Morgan Stamm