SCI-FI:  “Con-Red” tells the tale of battle for survival between Federation fighters and an unknown alien enemy.  The Federation has known wars and destruction; only by banding together has there been peace.  This new enemy unleashes powerful beams that slice through ships like paper, and uses mind control to assault their foes.  Only by a supreme act of will can the Federation fighters overcome these attacks.  Many are sacrificed, and not everyone agrees with the tactics, but one thing is clear – they must defeat this enemy, or the entire Federation will be lost.  


“Con-Red” is a sci-fi lover’s dream, with marvelous futuristic  technology and epic battles fought against supernatural creatures.  There are a number of story threads, each one a book in itself, but difficult to keep track of in one novel.  There are many characters - some continue through the story, others are introduced and disappear without much explanation - it’s hard to keep the names and their stories straight. Prior editing and proofreading would have resolved numerous word usage/spelling errors .  The storyline is extremely detailed with little dialog, and the numerous battle sequences grew repetitive and stale.  Still, sci-fi lovers will be sucked into the conflict, as good and evil fight for supremacy in the future.


Victoria Z. Burg