Come Home to Me (Book One Second Chances Time Travel Series)

Peggy L.

TIME TRAVEL, HISTORICAL:  Jake Owens is a randy young man raised on a Montana dude ranch. Certain adventure lies elsewhere, he follows a blonde bombshell to the city only to wind up in jail for murder. A stranger posing as a lawyer could be the devil or Jake’s salvation, but he offers Jake a second chance - lead a wagon train west as a scout and keep an eye on one Rachel Parker. Thinking anything is better than bars and a thin mattress, Jake accepts. Some unknown force in the universe is watching over Rachel Parker, a young woman whose diligence against hard times sets her eyes on the Oregon Trail determined to find a new life for her family.

From cholera to chaps, “Come Home to Me” by Peggy Henderson is the definition of exceptional story telling!  Henderson spins this yarn with subtle dialogue and description accurate to its era. So subtle in fact, the reader won’t know they’ve been transported, like Jake, back in time until they’re entrenched in the hardships of the emigrants who left ruts in the ground in 1848.  With the rattle of wooden wheels, and a crack of the whip, the reader will open their eyes as an omnipotent observer to a slow burning love between Rachel and Jake as they cross the mighty American frontier. Y’all are just gonna have to let Ms. Henderson wrap her story around ya!  There may not be drool on the pant-o-meter, but it’s not necessary with this tightly woven tale! 

Natasza Waters