Colorado Mandala

Brian Francis

LITERARY FICTION:  Colorado Mandala is an intricate chain of literary fiction linking prose to purple haze. Paul is a professional hitchhiker and artisan, Michael a Vietnam Vet with a destructive conscience and Sarah, a war widow. Their lives unfurl as an uncomplicated hippy existence in the historical milestone of the 70’s situated in Colorado. Told from Paul’s perspective, readers will fall in love with the narrator’s patient nature and unfailing support of a fractured friend. It’s a tie-dyed reflection of more than one kind of love in an era not easily shaken from our history. 

The novel fuses poetic verse with gritty contemporary dialogue and solves conflict with love. From spelunking to cock fights, readers won’t imagine what’s coming next. The author stretches the paradigms of romance by magnifying love as misshapen but uniquely perfect for friend and amour.  At the beginning and end of each chapter, the author holds the reader aloft by a perspective crafted with exquisite diction to foreshadow a scene or thought. Then abruptly the literary rug is pulled away to join his first person perspective. The plot is eclectic. Conflicts are resolved in a true to life way. Those who love the art of the written word will probably agree this work may quite likely be genius, but most definitely not mundane. The pant-o-meter may not be breathing heavy, but it is transmitting a response resembling an unsteady heartbeat .- / .-. / …- /.- (End of message).


Natasza Waters