Clockwork Blue: The Lumiere Chronicles


Nicola has a heart that is open and loving to those around her.  She has been taking care of her father and cousin for many years. So, when Malcolm, the “Black Falcon”,  tells her he wants her father’s Clockwork Blue dye in exchange for not deporting her cousin, she has to find a way to make it happen, even if it is sacrificing herself to the Black Falcon. That may not be so bad - he is a very handsome man!  Nicola feels he is a good man down deep and she is very drawn to him..
Malcolm can think of one thing and one thing only: the Clockwork Blue dye that will make his ambitions come true. He needs this and the only way to get it is through Nicola. He will do whatever it takes to obtain the dye - including  threats to deport the cousin of  the young, naïve Nicola.  The plot thickens as a couple of pixies and a black hearted earl are thrown into the mix!
 Put all this together and one finds a story that is filled with darkness from the past that threatens to block the light of any future good. Readers may be pleasantly surprised at how this tale unravels. “Clockwork Blue” throws together a little bit of fairy tale, a touch of mystery, with a sprinkling of steampunk, and a romance that does not always feel romantic!  Parts of the story do not seem to play out completely before coming together, but ultimately, this tale is superb and  is destined to fill the heart with joy!  
Melody Prat