Cerberus: Assassination Protocol


SCI-FI:  After taking a piece of shrapnel to the spine, former elite Silverguard Nolan Garrett was left paralyzed. Thanks to a highly adaptive combat suit, he is able to complete assassination jobs as Cerberus for the Protection Bureau with the goal of saving his brother Jared from an Imperial prison. After a successful completion of a task, Nolan comes home to find a woman on his doorstep hopped up on Blitz, a highly addictive drug. A former junkie himself, Nolan’s demons tell him to turn her away until he sees a Silverguard tattoo on her arm. By saving Bex, as her name turns out to be, Nolan has put himself in harm’s way as an entire cartel begins to hunt them down. Will Nolan’s past mistakes continually come back to haunt him?

Andy Peloquin’s riveting novel is packed full of high-action sequences that will leave the reader breathless. Nolan’s demons are relatable, make his character, and will make one feel sympathetic to his personal struggles. Taia, Nolan’s A.I. partner-in crime, is a delightful addition to the story and will be a fan favorite for every reader.  The action sequences feel almost constant, however — readers may wish for a little break from the perpetual violence and chases. Additionally, some conversations between the characters can be a bit awkward and unrealistic at times, which can distract the reader from the story at certain parts. Mr. Peloquin creates a sci-fi wonder that will leave lovers of action fiction impatiently waiting for the next book to be released!

Jen Griffin