SCI-FI:  Because of a war that created a bio-engineered virus to attack DNA, young men are left sterile and today’s scientists are working to end that infertility. Their efforts require the sperm of what they believe to be a stray cat, but scientists have no way to know he is from a different planet entirely. The serum works so a security guard at the research facility steals a dose for himself, oblivious to the possible side effects. Now that his wife his pregnant with hybrid children he must lean on a mother’s love and devotion to override any negative emotions shot his way or the way of his children, but even the love from parents cannot change the motions set in place.

This daring book is unique enough one simply has to set it down a few times to ponder the sleight of hand someone used to get this story to the world. Trying to combine a love of cats, science, and a dystopian world proves too much for this novel, and the premise comes across as farfetched with horrible attention to detail. The only characters to even hint at depth and growth are the cats and the hybrid children. The limited descriptions that do exist are extremely lackluster. The pacing is slower than a snail dipped in molasses on a cold December day, however it does hold the capacity to unite cat lovers to discover this special feline planet.

Yannie Sorensen