Carson Chance, PI: Over the Edge


VINTAGE ROMANCE:  Heading home to Dallas from a VA hospital in Louisiana, 24-yr-old Carson Chance picks up hitchhiker Amy Warren. After finding out that Amy has no place to go, he offers his spare bedroom to her until she can get on her feet. Working as a private investigator has honed his skills and Carson feels as if Amy is keeping secrets from him. After hiring a PI from her hometown to dig into her background he finds out disturbing information about her. His choices are limited and what he does next will break both of their hearts. Sometimes the right choice is the worst one.


Set in 1964 and spanning several years, this story of a Vietnam veteran wounded in war and coming home to fight his personal demons is a heartbreaking one. Amy has her share of problems to overcome as well. Personal journeys mixed with romance, this tale is told primarily by Amy and Carson. However, the shifting POVs do not always transition smoothly making the narrative confusing at times. In addition, the characters are shallowly developed and the constant on and off again relationship between Amy and Carson is exasperating. It does bring to light how little was known of PTSD back in the 60s and how veterans were treated for it. Carson and Amy are strong characters who could use some beefing up in the personality department and the Mafia angle stretches the bounds of believability, but with some tweaking this story could be one to write home about.


Carol Conley