A Caribbean Spell (Book #1)

Maureen O.

ROMANTIC ADVENTURE:  Miranda is a witch with a special ability to travel between times and places.  When she lands in Port Royal, Jamaica in 1690, she discovers a timeline different from her own, but one that also shares many similarities – the presence of pirates, for example!  It turns out Miranda is not the only magic user in town.  The evil pirate captain Isabella de Leon is also a witch and searching for a very dangerous magical artifact.  To stop her, Miranda enlists the aid of a dashing pirate captain Jake Reynard.  Jake and Miranda discover they work very well together, both in and outside the bedroom.

Captain Jack Sparrow would feel right at home amongst the wacky pirate crew in this fun adventure story!  The roles here are very clear-cut.  Heroes (even pirates) are well-meaning and easy to like, while villains are evil through and through with no redeeming qualities.  Miranda’s magic is unique in that she can heal wounds in herself or others, and when she needs to recharge her magical energies, she does so through sex.  Gives new meaning to the term “sexual healing”!  A warning needs to be given for the appearance of rape in this book.  The scenes are not graphic, but they are present. 

Aside from this, complaints are few – there are too many convenient escapes, and characters don’t observe proprieties as stringently as one would expect in the late 17th century, but the alternate timeline provides a tidy explanation for that.  Readers who fall under this “Caribbean Spell” will be hugely entertained!

Leslie Stokes