The Carbon Trap

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Maldives, the near future:  The most influential people in the world are meeting and deciding whether or not to implement a system of measures to fight the global warming, that is, to declare CO2 an enemy.  What most of them don’t know is that this isn’t about saving the world…It’s about money and power, and Alexis Swanson wants to have both. He has a master plan, and helping him execute it is Anna Piccard - the chameleon, the manipulator, the assassin. But, soon, she starts having doubts, especially after meeting Pete Heyward, whose father she had framed for murder. He makes her feel things. Things like…love, and Pete can’t help but feel the same, despite her crimes.

This book is very innovative and has a cast of unique characters. However, some things were problematic. First, while it’s obvious and good the author did his research, there was simply too much scientific and philosophical information being piled upon the reader. This, among other things, made the pacing slow and the book less enjoyable to read. Second, the character changes and the relationships were difficult to believe.  This refers to Anna changing her goals in life, lifestyle and personality in a few days, not to mention falling in love with Pete, and Pete with her in that time. And last, the smaller detail of first and third person recount changing from one paragraph to the next was disconcerting. Still, the author is to be commended for tackling the environmental issue in a new and interesting way.

Mimi Smith