Broken Wing


LITERARY DRAMA:  Skye Roosevelt has lived in Pettington all her life, and believes she will probably die here.  It’s a quirky small town - everyone knows everyone else, but there are strange ways and secrets here as well, even in Skye's own family.  When Ray Long moves to town to start a new life, he’s trying to start fresh and leave bad memories and a lifetime of anger behind him.  Meeting Skye seems at first to be a gift of fate; but as each of their pasts refuse to rest, they find old patterns repeating - abandonment, abuse and bad decisions.  They must each fight for their future, their relationships and their family - will they be able to break the cycles of the past and rise above their beginnings, or will they be swept away by the wreckage they have caused?


 “Broken Wing” is a modern-day literary drama filled with realistic characters, told in a rather dark but substantial style.  The storyline needed more depth, but it was a compelling read nonetheless.  Ms. Klay's characters and their relationships are well-written - complex and flawed, just as all of us are in real life.  Readers will root for Skye and Ray, and be invested in their story right to the very last page.


Victoria Z. Burg