Borealis XII: A Shadow of a Man


SCI-FI:  Theresa can’t help the shudder that runs through her. She’s headed to Borealis and can’t think of a place she’d rather NOT be. And why her husband, Dominic, would want to return to that orbiting house of horrors is beyond her. He still bears the scars he received from the last time he was there—scars that led to a long line of mistresses and ever-increasing insanity. 

Captain Geo has always been there for Theresa. Sure, he was hired by her husband to protect her after rescuing Dominic from Borealis, but he sees the gem her husband has cruelly cast aside and would gladly step in to do more than protect her. If only she’d let go of the stubborn loyalty to her bond and let him in.

 “A Shadow of a Man” bears an intriguingly original plot line that leaves one starving for the next chapter... and the next!  With tangible emotion and compelling description, Hammarblad creates a more-than-worthy addition to the Borealis series of novellas. In what other book would you find yourself cheering equally for a hunkity hunk and a cray crazy womanizer? Love it! Only one problem - the cliffhanger. Ugh, the cliffhanger!  As cliffhangers go, it’s fabulous, but one still feels like the nerd-boy reaching for the sack lunch suspended enticingly out of reach. Aw, come on! Don’t do this to us, please!!!

Sofia St. Angeles