Borealis IX: Akira’s Choice


Captain Akira Karyudo is a bad-A bounty hunter—complete with a rabble-fetching cheetah for a partner. She’s sleek and deadly and on the trail of her next fugitive. Her ship has been forced to land on Borealis—a nearly lawless tin can on the edge of conquered space—and if her estimations are correct, her target is here somewhere hiding amongst the dregs of humankind.

Markku will do whatever it takes to protect his nephew. After all, if it wasn’t for him, Shane wouldn’t be an orphan hunted by the TPP for his unique gifts. There are few people he knows he can trust and even fewer on Borealis. When a beautiful samurai saves his life, he’s forced to believe his nephew’s ability is correct, that she is someone they can trust.

Wow! If  readers want to see and feel and believe they are in deep space, then “Borealis IX Akira’s Choice” is the perfect choice!  With a touch of romance, the vivid descriptions and beautifully developed characters masterfully presented by Schartz create a virtual world that invite the reader not merely to observe, but to walk amongst them and participate. Stereotypically, sci-fi can be wordy and overburdened with details, but the author paints the picture for the participant rather than forcing them to understand what she sees. This is a delicate art and Schartz wields her weapons with precision and skill. Banzai!

Sofia St. Angeles