Bonds of Time

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SCI-FI:  Although it proved to be difficult, Judith sought out complete isolation from all humans once her world was destroyed. She had no expectations, neither hope nor fear, but was lucky enough to bargain with the government and was allowed to live in solitude amongst the White Mountains of Arizona on their land. Her curiosity is piqued when she witnesses a golden-haired Adonis fall from the sky. Garth appears to be human, but a language barrier prevents them from communicating properly and Judith is forced to teach him the basics in order to persevere together. Few survivors remain at the bottom of the hill to continue the existence of man, and once they discover a healthy, adult male is living with Judith, they seek him out immediately. Now Judith must take on the role of Garth's sole protector.

Wills' time travel romance contains an interesting storyline that will grasp readers’ attention from the first page. The author’s imagination is obviously quite vivid for she pens this tale about the aftermath of mass destruction with a vast array of characters easily. The book starts off with a bang, but fans of sci-fi may become disinterested when the hero and heroine attempt to interact with each other and fail miserably due to lack of vocabulary. It’s understood the awkward dialogue is necessary to keep the plot from coming to a screeching halt, but it’s very frustrating nonetheless. Fortunately, the novel is saved by the glorious reveal of budding love and a surprising ending!

 Jaime A. Geraldi