Bond Proof


SCI-FI:  Against all odds, Lillian is finally within reach of freedom and absolution from her blood debt! It has been almost three long years of complete control and subservience to her master.  Now she only needs to stay alive and prove honorable for a few more weeks.  As the time nears, however, whispers of pirates grow louder, and with Lucius’ very cartel in the balance, the dark resistance must be stopped.  Riding a razor thin balance, Lillian must, not only stay above all reproach but stay alive and uncover the threat that promises to destroy them all before she’s allowed even a breath of freedom.

Ms. Manetti is back in business!  “Bond Proof” is all the Twelve Systems Chronicles can hope for!  With edge of the seat intrigue and action, Lillian and her loyal friends keep readers frantically turning those pages.  There is such poignancy in Ms. Manetti’s character’s integrity and the way she remains honorable against every attack. Despite the odds against her, Lillian continues to carry kindness as a shield which allows readers to fall in love with her.  And, the secondary characters in this marvelous series are just as well-developed and sympathetic. “Bond Proof” is not a stand-alone story, however, but with each installment in the series, the overall arc uncovers and reveals ever more interesting facets.  The storyline carries layer upon layer of depth to discover while readers cheer for the accomplishments of one girl against all odds.  It is both an addictive and an inspiring journey! 

Ruth Lynn Ritter