Bluebeard’s Bride

Kathryn Cottam,
Roberta Cottam

GOTHIC:  A dark, original twist on the story of Bluebeard and his missing wives, Bluebeard’s Bride spins an intriguing tale of deceit, the supernatural and secrets. It reads like a gothic horror novel. Margaret and Rosie receive word that their sister Helen has passed away. They travel to Blueford Manor to try and find out the truth behind Helen’s passing. But the manor is shrouded in mystery, and the sisters begin to suspect something sinister is going on. Then Rosie disappears too, and it’s up to Margaret to solve the mystery of Blueford Manor before it’s too late. 


Margaret is an enchanting character. She’s brave, stubborn, and determined, and holds a dark power that makes her almost as mysterious as Blueford Manor. Rosie is interesting too, but it’s her sister who steals the show, along with Blueford Manor itself. The house is so intriguing, filled with so many secrets that it can almost be considered as a character too. The writing is fluent, and pulls the reader in from the first page. The plot never stalls, but always keeps up the pace and races to the end, but with so many twists and surprises one has to read this book in a single sitting. 


Majanka Verstraete