Blood Alert


SCI-FI:  Kylee and her brother Cham have been on their own since they were small.  Their mother died giving birth to Cham, and their father just couldn't cope.  Cham had health issues when he was young - he couldn't eat food or drink milk.  It was Kylee who figured out he needed blood to survive, and she has been providing it for him ever since, caring for him after they left their abusive father.  Working in hospitals, with easy access to the blood Cham needs, is how they survive. When Cham spots a ron stealing blood, things begin to fall apart.  Renegade rons are attacking humans for blood and sport, and now the police are looking for a killer.  When Kylee is arrested by police for blood missing from the hospital, all bets are off and Cham is afraid that his hallucinations and fears have become real.

Blood Alert is an entertaining sequel, and a return to the world Ms. Webb created in "Incoming Alert".   Blood drinking rons are again trying to come to terms with humans and existing on Earth.  Cham is especially intriguing, as he discovers his dual heritage and what having ron blood means to him.  There are a lot of characters and story lines to keep straight;  it will help readers to read "Incoming Alert" first.  A fast-paced sequel full of action and returning characters, Blood Alert will please fans of sci-fi and paranormal alike!


Victoria Z. Burg