Bernie and Bertie (Serial Killers Need Love Too)


CRIMINAL ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Bernie works for the post office and has a side job as a serial killer. He feels he is provoked and then justified in the lives he takes. When he meets Bertie, who was disposing of a body at the time, it’s a match made in serial killer heaven. Separately, these two have had quite the career of killing those who either had it coming or provoked them in to the kill. Together, these two are lethal times two. Can these two peas in a pod become a real loving couple, or will their deadly natures rear their ugly head and spoil their happiness?

This book takes the readers’ breath away and continues to do so until the surprise ending. It’s fascinating to read Bernie’s psychological profile while meeting with his psychiatrist and learning what it is that sets him off into a killer. The way the author twists Bernie’s way of looking at things, the reader can almost understand why Bernie takes those lives. 

The reader may experience some confusion at the introduction of Bertie’s character. The description of her is basically a female version of Bernie. The reader may pull themselves from the story trying to guess if Bertie is real or a figment of Bernie’s active imagination. It’s fun to watch Bernie and Bertie’s relationship grow and develop. The reader may believe these two will put the climbing ax and ice pick away and just live happily ever after, but upon closer observation of these two and what makes them tick, the reader will soon conclude that their sameness and killer instincts are what makes these two characters believable and fun!

Carly Fulmer