Beloved Enemy, The Destiny Trilogy, #3


SCI-FI:  Cat Kincaid is a freelancer with the Global Union of Earth and Allied Planets, and while escaping an attack on her ship, she crash lands her pod on a distant planet in a sparsely populated area of space. Hoping to find inhabitants who can help her off this strange world, instead she finds Kerry Marchant, the man she holds responsible for the death of her sister. When mysterious enemies compel them to join forces, Cat has to rethink everything she’s ever learned about Kerry and Kerry does the one thing he swore he would never do again - open his heart to another woman.


From the opening page to the last this action-packed sci-fi tale is a cargo hold filled to the brim with suspense, mystery, and heat. Cat and Kerry take center stage and steal the show with their easy to relate to personalities and the burdensome baggage they tote through life like a favorite blanket they can’t bear to lose. Their evolving opinion of each other happens a little too quickly, but can be forgiven due to the stressful situation they are in. The one flaw in this otherwise delightful ride is the mysterious villains. Their actions come across as being too simplistic and petty for such a distinctive and unique race. Instead of invoking goose pimply chills of dread and fear these individuals are reduced to a mundane Monster of the Week feel. Imbuing the villains with additional menace and less crotchety attitude would launch this story into the stratosphere!


Carol Conley